Boost Health Plan Performance

Star Ratings drive our clients forward in their industry standings.

Whether your main goal is to improve Star Ratings, close HEDIS gaps in care, or improve member experience, 86Borders provides unique engagement that advances your health plan performance.

Reach New Member Heights

We surpass the everyday impersonal communications members typically experience when managing their healthcare plans. Mass communications lead members to feel their individual needs are not met with quality and understanding. These frustrations stand in the way of a health plan’s reputation and member satisfaction scores.

Using our purpose-built technology platforms, 86Borders reaches even the inactive, high-risk, and underserved members of your plan.

Member Benefits and Utilization

Coordinate benefits and remove barriers.

Our ability to reach out and engage members in their preferred method of communication allows us to better educate them on their member benefits.

Advantages to Health Plans:

Promote brand loyalty (member retention and growth)

Improve member satisfaction (CAHPS)

Provide meaningful contribution to MLR spend

HEDIS Gap Closures and CAHPS/HOS

Use actionable data to address a health plan’s most pressing HEDIS gaps and CAHPS/HOS.

We develop trusted relationships with members, in addition to providers, pharmacies, Community Based Organizations, and transportation vendors. We also schedule appointments, create reminders, and use CAHPS/HOS language with members.

Advantages to Health Plans:

Remove barriers to care, driving appropriate utilization

Improve member satisfaction and health plan reputation

Submit claims on behalf of the provider for SDOH screenings

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Assess social needs. Promote health equity by meeting members where they are.

With a 57% conversion rate of inactive members to active members, post SDOH screening, we are a leader in addressing SDOH. 86Borders is the only company hyperfocused on compassionate member engagement with DSNP, Medicare, and Medicaid populations.

Partnering with 86Borders means each of your members receives compassionate and personalized service.